Based on over 12 years of research and development, the patented Quadric Implant is the only device which anatomically closely matches the cross-sectional profile of natural teeth as they emerge from bone.  
All current dental implant designs us are comprised of a single concentrically ROUND implant screwed or press fitted into the jawbone to act as an artificial root for replacing lost teeth.  However, the root cross sections of the natural teeth as they emerge from the jawbone is never round so the prosthetic result is an anatomically poor result, both esthetically as well as functionally.  The problem is especially pronounced in the bicuspid and multi-rooted molar region as this approach leaves large gaps at the gum level, which can trap food and cause patient discomfort, bacteria build-up and long-term health risk to bone, gum tissue and adjacent teeth.  Both the cause and the solution to this problem is readily apparent to clinicians who evaluate our new design concept. 

Molar Implant System

Teeth are not round so why are dental implants round?

Quadric BioMed has the only technology which can match the noncircular shapes in the bone to provide better biomechanical foundation and anatomically correct interproximal spaces.  This design substantially eliminates the large gaps between teeth left by existing implants

Quadric BioMed, LLC is a medical device company developing novel dental implants that mimic the emergence profile of natural teeth. Quadric BioMed's patented implant system integrates an eccentrically-shaped platform and anchor screw in the jaw and is the only technology that can anatomically match the profile of the teeth as they emerge from the bone. This technology substantially eliminates the large gaps between teeth left by existing implants. 
Quadric BioMed